Franchise Opportunities

Proven concept can be replicated in any town

Windmill Graphic Design is offering you the opportunity to launch your own Promoter within a designated area for a modest investment.

We will provide you with all the back-up and support possible, including a sales presentation pack, copies of pre-approach letters, pricing sheets, advertising order forms, etc and issues of various printed Promoters.You will be your own boss, work your own hours, decide how much you will charge for advertising and be totally responsible for obtaining your own advertisers.

You decide whether your Promoter is published on a monthly, 6 weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the income level you require. But please bear in mind this is not a get rich quick scheme, with the promise of £thousands income for 2/3 hours per week. It depends totally on your own commitment how quickly your issue takes to be sold.

All we can do is tell you how we currently operate our own editions. Yes, if you follow our guidelines you can produce a very healthy profit, (even after recouping your initial franchise fee to us) from the start, but again this depends on no one but yourself. After all, it’s YOUR business.

Clients pay as soon as they proof their advert so you will have all your advertising revenue in the bank before you have to meet your design, printing and distribution costs.

We provide a breakdown of how advertising is currently sold in our Promoters. To ensure that each Promoter follows the same format, and that the artwork of each advert and the print quality meets our standards, we insist that all artwork, design and printing is carried out by Windmill Graphic Design.

This is carried out at a set fee per issue regardless of the number of adverts in each issue. All production is proofed directly to you for you to seek your customer’s approval before going to print.

You may consider this unnecessary but unless you are experienced in design for print and have the necessary software packages required for getting each issue print ready, we can assure you that this service is invaluable. Not only does it remove the headache of trying to design what at times can be complicated logos, adverts, etc. it frees you up to sell advertising space much more efficiently.

Each issue is recommended at a print run of 10,000 copies. You are free to increase or decrease the amount of copies printed but remember that an increase will obviously have a direct effect on printing and delivery costs and lowering the number might make your issue less appealing to your customers.

Design & Printing

In order to make having your own Promoter as painless an exercise as possible, we design and print your issue for you. This includes delivery to your preferred address.


You will need to obtain quotes from local door to door distributors. We recommend caution when deciding which company you use as it is vitally important to your credibility that every copy is delivered through a letterbox and not left in piles at the entrance to flats – or worse, tossed in the nearest skip. Cost for delivery can vary depending on the area and can range from £25 to £40 per thousand. Shop around to make sure you choose a reliable company who are available to give you a detailed delivery schedule.

You may ask yourself why should you pay us a franchise fee when you could simply copy our idea and go it alone. Well, that is very true but what we are offering is a tried and tested format, a graphic design service, a highly competitive printing service and the chance to be part of an ever growing Promoter network of Franchisees, all benefiting from each others publicity and success as the Promoter brand becomes better known and respected.

Also, by having copies of existing Promoters as a sales aid, you gain instant credibility in the eyes of your potential customers.

In short, you will have your own business and be ready to start selling immediately.

The Benefits

• No worries about the layout, design and format of your Promoter • No worries about the creation of your customers adverts • No worries about the printing of your Promoter

All you have to do is go out and sell your product to shops, small businesses, tradesmen, etc and we can do the rest! Sales experience whilst being useful is not essential. All that is required is discipline and a determination to succeed. There should be no reason why you cannot sell all the space available within a two to four week period.

Remember, companies who advertise in the local press have to keep advertising week after week otherwise their advert is tossed away when the next edition is available. With the Promoter, people tend to keep it and refer to it for companies like plumbers, joiners, driving schools, taxi companies, takeaways, etc that they are interested in, so by holding onto it there is much more chance that they will also respond to other companies who’ve advertised with you.

Q1. How much does a Promoter Franchise cost? A Promoter Franchise comes in two main parts. a. Franchise Fee of £600 to be paid on completion of the Franchise Agreement. This Franchise Fee buys you a dedicated franchise area. This fee is non-refundable. b. Design, Artwork and Printing charge is set at an agreed fixed cost of £1,200 pre 10,000 copy issue, regardless of content of artwork. This includes delivery of your printed edition to your preferred address.

Q2. How much will I earn from each issue? We would suggest a realistic earning potential of £1,500 to £2,000 per issue is achievable depending on your own sales performances taking into account any discounts you may offer.

Q3. How much support, both initially and on-going, will I receive? You will receive a Sales Presentation Pack containing a selection of existing issues from our other regions, Stationery, Pre-approach Letters, Specification Sheets, Pricing Sheets, Advertising Order Forms, and more.

Q4. How exclusive is my area and what size can it cover? Your agreed franchise area is 100 per cent exclusive to you. We cannot offer catchment areas that have the potential for multiple franchises, i.e. Larger Towns and Cities.

Q5. What happens if I give up my area with regards to fees paid, etc? Your initial Franchise Fee is non-returnable and the rights to your franchise area would then revert back to us to resell.

Q6. How do I know you will not stop producing the Promoter for me? We are committed to building the Promoter into a UK wide business with franchises throughout the country. Since starting with the East Kilbride Promoter in 2005, we have expanded our issues throughout Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas in order to have a close link with our local Franchisees and we are on hand to assist them in any way we can.

Q7. How frequently am I expected to produce my Promoter? From our experience, we recommend that you cover 2 areas on a bi-monthly cycle as this means your customers have time to gauge response to their advertisements. Your Franchise Fee will cover an agreed area.

Q8. How do I distribute my Promoter? You will be responsible for your distribution. We recommend caution when choosing a company to use as it is vitally important to your credibility that every issue is delivered. Costs can vary with average prices between £25 and £40 per thousand depending on area.

Q9. Can I ‘Sell On’ my franchise to a 3rd party? No. This would have to be agreed with ourselves and any potential 3rd party would have to sign a Franchise Agreement.

Q10. What if I decide to stop producing my Promoter Unless by mutual agreement, if you have not produced an issue for six months, the rights to your franchise area would revert back to us to resell.

Examples The Promoter allows a wide variety of sizes of advertisements and here we have shown Sales Potential using average ad sizes. A flexible grid space allows you to fill Pages your own way. (For example, you could sell 32 x Eighth Size ads, or 16 x Quarter Page ads, etc.)

The examples shown are based on an Eighth of a Page advertisement being sold at a recommended cost of £100.

Option 1 All Advertisements sold at Full Price (32 x £100) 32 x £100 = £3,200 – Overheads* = £1,200 Profit = £2,000

Option 2 16 advertisements sold at Full Price (16 x £100) 16 advertisements sold at 25% Discount (16 x £80) 16 x £100= £1,600 16 x £80 = £1,280 – Overheads* = £1,200 Profit = £1,680

Option 3 12 advertisements sold at Full Price (12 x £100) 10 advertisements sold at 25% Discount (10 x £80) 10 advertisements sold at 37.5% Discount (10 x £70) 12 x £100 = £1,200 10 x £80 = £800 10 x £70 = £700 – Overheads* = £1,200 Profit = £1,500

*Overheads (£1,200) are approximations based upon Design, Artwork, Printing & Management and Distribution.

By illustrating these figures we believe we are being as upfront as possible and shows how we would personally like companies to illustrate what they are offering in detail, in order to convince you that this is a realistic and viable opportunity.

If you would like to discuss this fantastic opportunity and want to be your own boss – in control of your own area – you can get in touch via the Contact Page or by calling 07704 029 853 and ask to speak to Danny Barclay.